The following have signed WWFC's Operating Principles:

Andrew Spaeth – Sustainable Northwest

Nils Christoffersen – Wallowa Resources

Raymond Osipovich – Grayback Forestry

Mark Jaques for John Buckman – Oregon Department of Forestry

Mike Billman – Oregon Department of Forestry

Susan Jane Brown – Western Environmental Law Center

Steve Edwards – Baker County NRAC/Small Woodlands Owners Association

Lindsay Warness – Boise Cascade

John Williams – OSU Extension Service

Rex Storm – Associated Oregon Loggers

Bill White – Union County Cattleman

Cynthia Warnock – Wallowa Soil and Water Conservation District

Rob Klavins – Oregon Wild

Gary Miller – US Fish and Wildlife

Dick Fleming – Baker County NRAC

Brian Kelly – Hells Canyon Preservation Council 

Darlene Rochna – Concerned Citizen

Ronald Rochna – Concerned Citizen

Mark Davidson – Union County Board of Commissioners

Carl Kiss – Concerned Citizen

Mike Allen – Wallowa County

Wally Sikes – Wallowa County

Chris Heffernan – Concerned Citizen

Vince Naughton – Concerned Citizen


"When did people stop being willing to truly listen and learn from each other? And how can we do something about the uncharacteristically large and hot wildfires that are destroying our unhealthy, fuel-overloaded forests, when those forests are practically crying out for ecologically responsible forest management? I was truly thrilled when I found out that I could act on both these problems.

Forest collaboratives survive and thrive through the mutual listening and learning of its members. Reaching consensus on much-needed forest management projects produces better projects, avoids work-stopping lawsuits, and improves the health of our forests. It’s a magical process that seeks WIN-WIN results, and I’m honored to be able to participate as a member of the Wallowa-Whitman Forest Collaborative." - Carl Kiss, WWFC Member

"I collaborate to develop relationships with diverse forest stakeholders with the hope of increasing the pace and scale of management projects." - Mike Billman, WWFC Member"I choose to collaborate because collaboration provides the opportunity for diverse interests to work together in an informed and respectful environment that promotes healthy working relationships and achieves lasting benefits for our public lands." - Bill Gamble, USFS"We joined the WWNF Collaborative effort in support of Public Lands management as we understand collaboration is a process that contributes to problem solving around forest and natural resource issues. Collaboration is non-proprietary, and the member volunteers are an experienced and intelligent group representing diverse interests, which lead to and create longer lasting forest health solutions." - Ron and Darlene Rochna