our group on a winter field tour

our group on a winter field tour

Collaboration happens when diverse stakeholders are working together to solve a common problem or achieve a common objective. For the WWFC, this means restoring our local landscape and helping communities that depend on our forest for work. Although it takes trust and hard work, we believe collaboration is the best way to achieve our goals. By putting in more time and effort up front, we can build more durable projects and solutions backed by social agreement. Collaboration allows us to:

  • Learn from each other

  • Achieve better economic and ecological outcomes

  • Increase efficiencies

  • Get more done by working together

Goals of our collaborative:

  • Foster a collaborative relationship amongst stakeholders

  • Engage in landscape-scale analysis and planning to support the USFS in its efforts to accelerate the pace of restoration and job creation on the Wallowa Whitman National Forest

  • Work on projects and support responsible land management agencies