Video Credit: US Forest Service

Looking to take on a project that involves both public and private stakeholders, our collaborative took on the East Face Vegetation Management project as our second endeavor. As a group, we wrote the purpose and need for the project, led field trips to the site, and worked with our Forest Service partners to develop a project that meets the diverse needs of the local community.  We will continue to play a pivotal monitoring role in the project as work starts to happen on the ground. 

Project facts:

  • 47,000 acres on the east face of the Elkhorn Mountains
  • Contains parts of Union and Baker county
  • Minimizes wildfire damage to people, homes, wildlife, and the forest
  • Protects irrigation water for local farmers
  • Improves drinking water quality for La Grande and Baker City residents
  • Protects federally threatened bull-trout habitat

The East Face project is part of a larger strategy to make the communities and forests around the Elkhorns more resilient to wildfire. The project area borders both state and private lands, where complementary work will magnify the benefits of the work done on this site.

To read this project's complete Environmental Assessment, draft Decision Notice, maps, data tables, and comment responses, visit the Forest Service East Face website